Professional Reporting

This year we are implementing several novel ways for reporting your professional expectations to the AWCF. It is built into your AWCF membership renewal form and can also be added to by email.

Some of these professional requirements are mandatory to even be eligible for AWCF membership, such as having an ABN and liability insurance. This is true for private-lesson-only instructors who operate as “sole traders” through to franchisers who operate a number of schools.

Others things are essential for certain staff under certain circumstances, such as first aid qualifications and working with children certification. You may have to report the certificate numbers of multiple staff within your organisation, or you may not need working with children certification if you don’t accept minors as students. Other less essential qualifications that might also be helpful to report to us include sports coaching qualifications, sports referee or judging qualifications, mental health response qualifications, NDIS qualifications or Yellow Cards, physio or TCM qualifications. This can help expand your skills, impress your recruits, and help us match you to your audience.

Some things are recommended as good business practice. This includes having a basic online presence for contact and an annually updated risk assessment. A risk assessment is a document that outlines your annual pursuit of improved safety, improved practice, financial sustainability, and reduced environmental footprint. It can be a lot of work to get started, but having the document posted with us annually offers a verifiable and ongoing record. It can be a lot of work at first but if you embrace it each year, can offer some great insights on ways to improve as well as evidence in difficult situations. A very simple template for risk assessment document can be found at the bottom of the page.

Members who meet professional reporting expectations are given preference for referrals from any enquiries we receive.

Useful links:

National provider of first aid training: Redcross

Links to various state’s working with children qualifications:

Sports Coaching Qualifications Australian Institue of Sport

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