South Australian Border Entry Conditions

While the borders into the SA aren't entirely shut any more, crossing them is still a fairly rigorous affair. Depending on your risk according to certain factors, you may be asked to provide your vaccination status, or even go into quarantine for various amounts of time. To find out what your conditions are you NEED... Continue Reading →

AGM Agenda and Reminders

Hi everyone. There's less than 3 weeks until conference time! We'd just like to remind everyone about the Annual General Meeting coming up on the Sunday of this year's conference. Everyone at the conference is encouraged to attend. AWCF full members or AWCF committee members who are unable to attend the AGM, please nominate the... Continue Reading →

Presenter Bio: Gary King

Gary's first introduction to martial arts was in Judo and Karate in his early teens. In November 1985 (at the age of 18) he visited one of Jim Fung’s Adelaide branches and was impressed with the directness of Wing Chun. He signed up and has been practising ever since. Gary trained under notable instructors such... Continue Reading →

2021 Mylor Conference Program

The program for the 2021 AWCF Conference is here! Check out the schedule below for an outline of this year's presentations. Download the PDF version of the program here. Download the printable version here. If you haven't already, check out some of our Presenter Biographies (some are still to come):Tony BlencoweGary KingSeth PiszczukDamian RainerScott SmithCorey... Continue Reading →

Presenter Bio: Damian Rainer

Damian Rainer is a Wing Chun practitioner, instructor and co-owner of the Adelaide Wing Chun Academy (co-owned with Tony Psaila). Damian began training Wing Chun in 1998 at Jim Fung’s International Wing Chun Academy in Sydney. The early years of training were under Mark Spence and then onto Sifu Jim Fung. In 2001 he started... Continue Reading →

Conference Updates. Not long now!

The 2021 conference is rapidly approaching. Only 7 weeks to go. A few important updates: Conference ticket sales will be closing on November 10, so make sure you're all on top of your plans before then! The conference program will be available next week! Make sure to keep an eye out for that so you... Continue Reading →

Presenter Bio: Corey Slade

Corey Slade is the head coach at the iDefend martial arts school in Tumby Bay. Corey has trained in Wing Chun for many years but also boasts experience from multiple other martial arts. Corey is passionate about mindful movement and it’s contribution to life, personal wellness and growth on many levels. He will be bringing... Continue Reading →

Presenter Bio: Tony Blencowe

Tony Blencowe was introduced to Wing Chun in 1983 and has trained continuously since. He started learning Wing Chun through a WEA short course at Sifu Jim Fung’s International Wing Chun Academy in Adelaide. He then travelled overseas and on his return took up Wing Chun with a vengeance. The initial learning experience consisted of... Continue Reading →

Presenter Bio: Seth Piszczuk

Seth is the most senior instructor at the long-standing Adelaide University Wing Chun Kung Fu club. Seth has taken some time to give us a preview of what will be covered in his conference workshop and some tidbits of personal training information in the Q&A below. Seth, what will your workshop for this year be... Continue Reading →

Presenter Bio: Scott Smith

Scott Smith has trained in martial arts more than 28 years. During this time he discovered Wing Chun Kung Fu and has been training in this martial art of choice since 1998. Having also trained regularly in Hong Kong with the late Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin (a rare privilege for anyone), and other top Masters,... Continue Reading →

Australian Wing chun Federation 2019

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