The AWCF is collective of schools and groups. Membership to the AWCF is available to schools, clubs, and groups.

Membership is for entities such as coaches/schools/clubs. Membership is subject to the endorsement of other senior AWCF instructors/coaches and may require some form of evidence if direct endorsement is not available. Membership is subject to periodic renewal to ensure that recognized instructors partake in ongoing training and progression both in their Wing Chun and as professionals, heads of schools, and community members. Each school/club/group will receive a periodic membership certificate. Members may be eligible for liability insurance. A representative for each members (or a representative of a school or club entity) can vote at AGMs.

Students and instructors of member schools/clubs/groups are provided access to AWCF sponsored events, the AWCF Facebook group and Member Forum.

Australian Wing chun Federation 2019

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