The AWCF membership is a national collective of Wing Chun schools, clubs and groups. Full Membership to the AWCF is available to a single owner, head instructor, chair, or representative of any Wing Chun school, club, or group in Australia.

Each school/club/group may only have one representative. That representative is is given one vote in matters put forward for voting by the AWCF committee.

A new Full Membership requires the endorsement of other senior AWCF Full members and respected community leaders, and may require some form of evidence, meetings, assessment, or communication with the AWCF committee.

Membership is subject to annual renewal to ensure that recognized instructors partake in ongoing training and progression both in their Wing Chun and as professionals, instructors, and community members. Each Full Member will receive a membership certificate for one year after a successful application or renewal.

Full Members have access to a range of support, including the AWCF grading system, liability insurance for their school/club/group’s activities, and various support programs.

Associate Members are any student, assistants, volunteers, and instructors that attend schools/clubs/group represented by a Full Member, no registration is required. Associate members are typically covered by liability insurance provided by the AWCF, and have access to products, services, the grading system, and discounts provided by the AWCF.

If you represent a Wing Chun school and would like to discuss membership, you can fill out an obligation free “Expression of Interest to Join” form the Committee will get in touch.

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