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Anthony Vallario


Anthony isĀ  a skillful martial artist and knowledgeable in his understanding of wing chun, but remains humble about his abilities. He displays a genuine desire to share his skills and knowledge with his students. He is a patient teacher who combines discipline and focus with light heartedness and humour in his teaching style.

Anyone who sticks with this martial art, with Anthony as their teacher, will learn an appreciation for the richness of Wing Chun, and the multitude of benefits it gives its practitioners in their everyday lives. These include improved focus and coordination; the ability to relax, both physically and mentally, in response to the stresses of everyday life; the ability to reduce the intensity and duration of muscular and nerve related aches and pains through physical relaxation and energetic flow (sounds strange, but works!). Of course, as it is a martial art, one gains self defence skills, but more importantly, one becomes more aware of any potential conflict situations and is more capable of avoiding/de-escalating these situations


New South Wales


Wellness Wing Chun


Level 3



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