The Australian Wing Chun Federation was established in 2011 by Gary King and Seth Piszczuk. Shortly after Richard Antonini was brought on board. These 3 wing chun exponents continue to be driving force behind the Australian Wing Chun Federation.

The Australian Wing Chun Federation is predominantly made up of senior students of the late Grandmaster Jim Fung.  After his passing in 2007 many of his senior students remained with the International Wing Chun Academy continuing their masters legacy. In 2010 many of these seniors decided to branch out on their own and spread Wing Chun on their own terms.

The Australian Wing Chun Federation initially was created to provide these seniors a vehicle in which to continue working and sharing knowledge and skill in order to continue developing the art. It has now grown so that its membership consists not only of Senior students of Grandmaster Jim Fung but also students of theirs who have commenced operating Wing Chun schools.

In his speech at the late Grandmaster Jim Fung’s memorial Sigung Chu Shong Tin stated, in a hope to prevent the typical break up of school once the Sifu passes, that “Together we are strong”. It is this that drives the Australian Wing Chun Federation to provide a platform for its members to continue working together in their own ways to a common goal of promoting and improving Wing Chun knowledge and skill to pass on across Australia and the world.

Annually the Australian Wing Chun Federation holds a conference in which senior practitioners from Australia and around the world provide workshops covering many aspects of the Wing Chun system to provide sharing and learning opportunity for its members to continue progressing and developing skill and knowledge.

The only requirement for Australian Wing Chun Federation members is honesty and integrity in its efforts to pass on genuine knowledge and skill in Wing Chun kung fu.


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