Grading Nomination

Due to COVID 19 restrictions and restrictions on interstate travel, physical examinations are not to be carried out centrally at the annual conference (which is postponed for 2020). Instead nominations for interest will be coordinated between the AWCF grading panel and nominated seniors throughout the community. It is possible that there will be some delays getting physical examinations completed.

This year a supporting instructor should fill out the following form on behalf of their student who is proposed to be a candidate for grading, and then a written exam can be issued. Upon completion of the exam, it can be submitted and assessed by the grading committee. This may result in a pass, deferral, or a request for amendments.

The passing student must then complete a physical examination by one or more approved instructors from a different schools, appointed exclusively by the AWCF. This may involve the assessor or student traveling so anticipate some logistics planning.

If a student has fulfilled all of the requirements for that level at the school/club/group, has not successfully graded within the last three years, and is in good financial standing, you may nominate that student for examination using the following form. The AWCF will contact you to discuss the application after that.

A specific instructor, sifu, senior exponent, or committee nominating the applicant and willing to assist/communicate through the grading process.
Preferred contact email
Person who is proposed as a candidate for examination. In the case of very high level grading, an instructor may nominate themselves where no senior exponent is available.
Where the applicant trains
The grade that the applicant is proposing to be examined for
To be filled out by the supporting instructor
Other contact details such as mobile number or alternate emails.

Australian Wing chun Federation 2019

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