Grading Nominations

For high level grading (Level 1 and up) a supporting instructor should fill out the following form on behalf of their student or peer who is proposed to be a candidate for grading. There is no fee, however some travel expenses should be expected as the physical examination is usually carried out at the annual conference.

In practice, a student will need to pass the specific level requirements for their own school or club first, before looking for that qualification to be recognised by the AWCF. This is sometime referred to as “pre-Level 1”. Normally a level 1 should be prepared to be tested on the first form, Level 2 on the second form, etc. up to level 6 for the sixth form.

If a candidate has not successfully graded within the last three years for full time study or 5 years for part time study and is in good financial standing, a supporting instructor or peer instructor can then nominate that student for AWCF examination using the form here. The candidate must then pass a written and physical examination by the current AWCF grading committee. If successful, they will be recognised at that level with a certificate and patch (and celebrations!).

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