AWCF Form Video Competition 2020 – Terms and Conditions

  1. Only persons who are members or associate members of the AWCF in good financial standing and who are not AWCF Committee members or judges in this competition are eligible to enter the competition.
  2. A person may only enter with one or two videos of their own performance of a single form and each video should not be the same performance.
  3. An eligible entry must be submitted directly or as a link via the AWCF Facebook page or Facebook group, and that video must be accessible.
  4. Winning entries will be shared or linked with the public via the AWCF official channels.
  5. Submissions will only be accepted from 0:00 June 1 to 23:59 July 31 in 2020 and no exceptions will be made for late submissions according to the date on the post or submission.
  6. The decisions of the Judges, who will be made up of AWCF senior community members invited by and including some AWCF Committee members, will be considered final and any appeal will only be allowed at the discretion of the AWCF Committee where it is found as just.
  7. Any video removed by Facebook or featuring copyrighted material (including music) or offensive material may be ruled as ineligible at the discretion of the AWCF committee or even removed.
  8. The information of any entrant is subject to Facebook’s privacy policy, and those videos along with the entrant’s name and school may be reposted or linked to by the AWCF in their official media outlets.
  9. The primary criteria for judging videos are a clear demonstration of one of the six Wing Chun forms, ideally demonstrating the unique values of the Chu Shong Tin lineage. Secondary criteria include flow, accuracy, dynamics, flair, creativity, and originality. No consideration is given to professional video production beyond the creative, including the use of expensive equipment or professionals.
  10. Three prizes will be awarded as follows: First Prize: A $100 giftcard and a choice from a selection of CST books and DVDs, Second Prize: a $100 giftcard. Third Prize: A $50 giftcard.

The person performing the form is the entrant and will be the person who is eligible to receive prizes. If more than two entries are submitted only the two most recent eligible entries will be considered as entries. Should an entry include a link to a video that is not accessible by the judges the video will not be considered eligible as an entry without warning. No video titled or described as an entry is a valid entry unless submitted according to these terms and conditions. The Judges will be made up of some AWCF Committee and invited senior community guests at the AWCF Committee’s discretion. All Judges will view all eligible entries bar those they declare a conflict of interest on and will apply the criteria outlined as they see fit. The AWCF Committee’s decision on any appeal is final.

These rules were edited on the 10/7/20 with an extended due date as per the decision of the AWCF committee.

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