The Annual AWCF Conference

Every year the AWCF holds a national conference, where members gather to train, grade, share ideas, and engage with the seniors of our community. The conference is open to full and associate members, and non-members can attend as well*.

Each year the conference is held in a unique location, hosted by a school or group, and features a series of presentations, workshops, panels, special guests, and competitions.

The conference is a sensation training opportunity, with large portions of the presentations dedicated to hands on training with people who are know around the world for their skill and ability to share knowledge.

Often the physical components of higher level gradings are carried out at conferences.

Next year’s conference will be on the Gold Coast, hosted by Wing Chun for Life, and all the information you need will become available through this website.

We hope to see you there!

*non-members should seek committee permission and discuss any issues with liability and fees.

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