Sports Workshop Gear Required

The sports workshop has two main modes of activity, training for officials and training for competitors/coaches. For competitors, even though we are exploring multiple rulesets, high levels of protective gear will still be needed. For this rule set, competitors will don – mouthguard, groin guard, instep/shinpads (cotton sock style preferred), chest guard, head guard, wraps... Continue Reading →

A call for presenters and grading papers

Hi Everyone, Just letting you all know we have put out a call among our members for potential presenters and grading nominations. If you would like to propose a presentation, please email us (or use the contact form) and include in a 200 word abstract for your plan. It could be an evening discussion panel,... Continue Reading →

Dan Interviews ChatGPT about Wing Chun

It's an odd feeling when you worry that some technology is going to make you obsolete. In this case the worriers are academics like myself who seem to losing their place as "gate keepers of knowledge" to a little web chat-bot called ChatGPT by OpenAI. It seems to have digested around 45 terrabytes of text... Continue Reading →

Membership 2023

Welcome to 2023! Membership renewal emails have been sent out to existing members for renewals and the broken link issue, reported by some, resolved. If you are interested in starting a new membership (i.e. new school or instructing business) please use the expression-of-interest form on the website, or email the committee for a chat. A... Continue Reading →

Registrations Closed!

Hi All, Registrations for the AWCF Conference at Mylor have officially closed and the event is now in full organisational swing! Thank you all for being so patient about the rescheduling of the event. To everyone who bought tickets, I can't wait to see you there in a month's time. To those grading up, best... Continue Reading →

Conference AGM 2022 Updates + Proxy reminder

Hi everyone. The conference is rapidly approaching! Only 6 weeks to go! We’d just like to remind everyone that the Annual General Meeting is still to be held on the Sunday of this year’s conference. Everyone at the conference is encouraged to attend. AWCF full members or AWCF committee members who are unable to attend... Continue Reading →

Updated Conference Schedule for 2022!

The updated presenter list for this year's conference is here! There a couple of time-slot shuffles from the original roster and a warm welcome to Lindy Scott for hosting the Saturday night session in our new lineup! A printable version of the program can be found HERE Contact us at if you have any... Continue Reading →

Conference is a go for 2022!

The conference is certain to be a go ahead for this year, so it's about time to start getting back onboard the ticketing train. Tickets are already available and will be up for grabs until the 15th of June. Time to start getting organised! An updated presenter program will be available here soon. Tickets can... Continue Reading →

2021 Memberships now expired

Hi everyone,AWCF memberships for 2021 have now officially expired (as of today, 1st May). This means those who have not renewed are no longer members and are no longer covered by the AWCF insurance for their training activities. For members who need to renew/join, please contact us at as soon as possible!

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