Presenter Bio: David Lovegrove

Wing Chun isn't just for fighting. Our community features a uniquely broad range of approaches to Wing Chun, from the devastatingly practical through to the profoundly meditative. David has something to offer a little towards the latter end of the spectrum. David made a big impression in 2014 by applying Wing Chun's symmetry-of-movement principles to... Continue Reading →

Lindy Scott Interview

Lindy Scott interview 1. Hi Lindy How are you? A: I'm great thanks! 2. Lindy tell us a little bit about your journey in Wing Chun: How did you find Wing Chun or perhaps how did it find you? A: I first heard about Wing Chun at Adelaide University, but I wasn't sure about learning... Continue Reading →

Gary King Interview

Gary King interview 1. Gary, I'd love to know and for all the readers out there, what has brought you to wing chun? A: As a child I did judo and in my mid teens I did karate, but lost interest. Then during my late teens I found a renewed interest in martial arts. I... Continue Reading →

Seth Piszczuk Interview

Seth Piszczuk interview 1. Hi Seth, How are you? A: Great! Enjoying a bit of relaxation now the kids are in bed. 2. When did your journey in wing chun begin? A: I signed up at IWCA Adelaide in March 2003 3. I ask this question to everyone as it is the seed behind our... Continue Reading →

Australian Wing chun Federation 2019

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