Presenter Bio: Daniel Pitman

Daniel Pitman is a lecturer at the University of Adelaide and a long-term student turned instructor at the University’s infamous Wing Chun club. The pursuit of Wing Chun has always provided a valuable counter to the long hours of office work and physical neglect that many suffer from academic study and teaching.After a successfully achieving... Continue Reading →

Presenter Bio: David Lovegrove

David Lovegrove is a Wing Chun teacher from Murwillumbah, Nth NSW who also runs the popular YouTube vlog “Wing Chun Mind Force”.He has practiced CST lineage Wing Chun since 1997, and his major interests are in Sigung's Chu’s “Yi Sik” (Intent Method) and the enormous power hidden in the 'Everyday Mind’. David’s conference workshops will focus... Continue Reading →

Presenter Bio: David Lovegrove

Wing Chun isn't just for fighting. Our community features a uniquely broad range of approaches to Wing Chun, from the devastatingly practical through to the profoundly meditative. David has something to offer a little towards the latter end of the spectrum. David made a big impression in 2014 by applying Wing Chun's symmetry-of-movement principles to... Continue Reading →

Lindy Scott Interview

Lindy Scott interview 1. Hi Lindy How are you? A: I'm great thanks! 2. Lindy tell us a little bit about your journey in Wing Chun: How did you find Wing Chun or perhaps how did it find you? A: I first heard about Wing Chun at Adelaide University, but I wasn't sure about learning... Continue Reading →

Gary King Interview

Gary King interview 1. Gary, I'd love to know and for all the readers out there, what has brought you to wing chun? A: As a child I did judo and in my mid teens I did karate, but lost interest. Then during my late teens I found a renewed interest in martial arts. I... Continue Reading →

Seth Piszczuk Interview

Seth Piszczuk interview 1. Hi Seth, How are you? A: Great! Enjoying a bit of relaxation now the kids are in bed. 2. When did your journey in wing chun begin? A: I signed up at IWCA Adelaide in March 2003 3. I ask this question to everyone as it is the seed behind our... Continue Reading →

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