Presenter Bio: Richard Antonini

We have another top-level presenter for the 2023 Conference, in Sydney!

Welcome Richard Antonini!

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Here is his bio:

Richard Antonini

Topic for Conference:

Evolving and simplifying your ideas

Wing Chun Training and Insight:

Having been involved in training and teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu for over 30 years, it has become very clear that teaching the wing chun concepts is not a simple thing to do. One of the main hurdles in teaching wing chun is imparting abstract ideas to different people of all walks of life, bit of a Chinese whispers situation especially when exposed to many different perspectives

All senior exponents have their own interpretation and application of the wing chun ideas and how to develop them. The one thing that rings true is that no 2 exponents are the same. However through all the differences there are common underlying themes.

Presentation Inspiration and Outcome:

In this workshop we will explore the common underlying themes that run through the system including structural, movement, relaxation and mental aspects. Then discuss the need to personalise and develop your own interpretation and expression of the wing chun system.

Hopefully arrive at a point of refining and simplifying the learning process to searching for an individual “Small Thought”

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