Presenter Bio: Pete Fraser

The last of our amazing line-up of presenters is Pete Fraser!

Here is his bio:

Pete Fraser

Topic for Conference:

Exploring the fundamental principal of simplicity in Wing Chun

Started Wing Chun:

Upon settling in Adelaide in 2008 he promptly joined the Adelaide Uni club before also training at Jim Fung’s academy in Gouger Street under the tutelage of all of the great instructors there.

Teaching History:

At the time of the formation of the AWCF Pete taught regularly at the uni club while also continuing to train with Seth, Gary, Tony & Lindy.

Current Teaching:

Pete continues to train regularly with Corey Slade and teach a small but dedicated group in Port Lincoln, SA.

Previous Martial Arts Experience:

Pete began his martial arts journey with Loong Fu Pai in 1996, which combined elements of karate, kung fu, aikijutsu, kickboxing, and escrima. He spent time learning the fundamentals of boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, Shotokan and Goju Ryu karate while moving frequently in the pursuit of various work and study opportunities after leaving home in 2000.

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