Presenter Bio: Gary King

Another awesome presenter for the 2023 Conference, in Sydney!

It’s none other than Gary King!

Another one not to be missed! Ticket’s can be purchased at

Here is his bio:

Gary King

Topic for Conference:

Applying Long Pole principles to practical empty hand fighting.

His workshop will be looking at how long pole training can relate directly to empty hand techniques for any level of experience.

Started Wing Chun:

Gary has been continuously training in Wing Chun since November 1985.

Teaching Style:

His evolving approach to Wing Chun has been influenced by his sigung, sifus, students, other martial arts, and thousands of hours of practice and experimentation.

Current Training:

His area of interest today is mainly to do with using Wing Chun naturally, to be versatile and not be restricted by a set of prevalent superficial techniques.

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