Sports Workshop Gear Required

The sports workshop has two main modes of activity, training for officials and training for competitors/coaches.

For competitors, even though we are exploring multiple rulesets, high levels of protective gear will still be needed.

For this rule set, competitors will don – mouthguard, groin guard, instep/shinpads (cotton sock style preferred), chest guard, head guard, wraps (4m maximum, no tape), and boxing gloves (not mma gloves or bag mits).

We will provide a few public items to share but having your own fitted mouthguard and groin guard is essential for the workshop. If you have more of your own equipment feel free to bring that too so you don’t have to share public stuff.

For those interested in being “officials” most of the things you need will be provided, but you might like to bring a pen or a sports whistle so you also don’t have to share.

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