Presenter Bio: Dave Somers

The next exciting presenter for the 2023 Conference, in Sydney, is Dave Somers!

His main presentation, relating to the use of acupunture, is going to be quite unique and therefore very interesting. One worth attending!

With less then a week left make sure to get your tickets now!

Here is his bio:

Dave Somers

Topic for Conference:

Friday – Combative drill workshop for the Wooden Dummy.

Sunday – Acupuncture to facilitate effortless power.

About the Sunday presentation:

As a long-term sitting chair of our federation, I felt it my duty to bring something significant to the table this year.

As many of you may know I have been indulging in the Academics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its integrative place in modern healthcare.

This year I wish to share with you my findings in facilitating effortless power.

In modern applications, the use of electro stimulation to acupuncture needles in certain locations yields quite intriguing effects, and it is with this that we will breakdown the underlying physiological process to some of our favorite movements.

I’ll be looking for some volunteers to participate in a live demonstration to be needled and to be a tester. All grade levels welcomed, and seniors encouraged to join in on an interactive education experience into our own bodies and the minds that drive them.

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