Presenter Bio: Scott Smith

Another not to be missed presenter for the 2023 Conference, in Sydney!

The presenter is the Head Instructor at Dragon Tao Kung Fu, the host of this years conference, Scott Smith!

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Here is his bio:

Scott Smith

Topic for Conference:

Friday – Empower your Chi Sau progression

Sunday – Utilising the Order of Powers correctly to enhance power generation.

Started Wing Chun:

Scott started in 1998 at the Manly branch of the Internation Wing Chun Academy after having already trained 10 years in 4 other martial arts. Once he experienced Wing Chun his true lifelong passion was found.

Teaching History:

Starting to teach adults and childern in the early 2000’s Scott realised his dream of one day running a martial arts school. It wasn’t until 2010 that he got that oportunity and gave up his career in Global IT Security Engineering to follow his passion, it was then that his school “Dragon Tao Kung Fu” was born.

Current Teaching:

Dragon Tao Kung Fu has grown to be one of the biggest Wing Chun Schools in Sydney. After Covid hit the school also ventured into the online world and teaches students far and wide through live online lessons. A new online on-demand program is also in the works as Scott really wants to get as many people as possible to experience the CST lineage of Wing Chun, while still maintaining the quality of teaching that it deserves.

Noteable Training Experience:

Training regularly in Hong Kong (15 times so far) originally with Sigung Chu Shong Tin, and now mostly with Ma Kee Fai as well as visting Peter Wong, Nima King, and Horace Chu. Scott believes constant self improvement is so important for truly being able to pass on the skill sets to students. Being personally invited as one of the guests of honour to Sigungs recent birthday/memorial gathering in Hong Kong was also a highlight of his training journey.

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