Presenter Bio: Chip Natt

Next presenter bio for the 2023 Conference, in Sydney, is a great one!

This presenter will get you all pumped for the conference, and it is Chip Natt!

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Here is his bio:

Chip Natt

Topic for Conference:

Wing Chun = Simple. And Think ROTATE!

At the conference I’m going to be running a session based on getting everyone inside my head, what it’s like to train with my condition Hypomania. You can look forward to some sensory overload while we explore my personal training philosophies!

Started Wing Chun:

Hi I’m Chip, Kung Fu volunteer extraordinaire and pop culture encyclopedia. I started training in ’98 at Jim Fung’s on Gouger St.

Teaching Experience:

I was volunteering as cleaner, then Corey Slade (State Manager at the time) noticed I’d been to Uni so might have a broader skill set. I ended up answering the phone and doing some data entry. Took a break for a year when I got married., When I came back, the manager at the time said I was good with kids and asked me to run a kids class. Then was asked to run Sunday afternoon classes – I setup Fu Fitness with light sparring rounds to finish.

Noteable Training Experience:

I was in and out of the mental illness depression wilderness for a number of years before rising like a phoenix (cue Tenacious D song) and started training regularly at Adelaide Uni Club around 2011 when the AWCF was born with Seth. Continuing to volunteer my time for both the Uni club and the Adelaide Uni Sports Association itself. Won Volunteer of the Year for AU sport in 2017, the same year I reached Level 1. Have been volunteering in lieu of training fees due to being on disability pension. A few years ago the uni club was involved in a Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) tournament and I was asked to be ‘fitness drill sergeant’ having previously worked as a PT. I continue to add my fitness skills in as part of the regular training at the club. So my time volunteering is split between being a ninja posting up flyers anywhere I can, running fitness sessions, helping beginners get started on their Wing Chun journey and promotional events for Adelaide Uni sport including being their regular mascot.

Current Training and Teaching:

I love continued training for mental health, focus, fitness, social and self defence. Several people have approached me to ask to train them privately, each for different reasons, which has been fully supported by my instructors and the Uni Club. So sessions have been tailored specifically to their needs.

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