Presenter Bio: Seth Piszczuk

Here is the bio for another one of the awesome presenters at the 2023 Conference, in Sydney!

The presenter is none other than Seth Piszczuk!

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Here is his bio:

Seth Piszczuk

Topic for Conference:

Bart Jaam Do – Analysing the Function Behind the Form

Seth will also be running the Thursday Sports Workshops. For those able to attend early, the AWCF Sports workshops on the Thursday will focus on different rule sets that Wing Chun Kung Fu can use as a platform for physical testing. If you have even a passing interest in Martial Art Sports, it’ll be great fun to share some concepts!

Noteable Wing Chun Experience:

Seth is the Co-founder of the AWCF and the principal coach at Adelaide University Wing Chun Kung Fu Club. He was also the former training manager of Sifu Jim’s Adelaide headquarters of the International Wing Chun Academy.

Interesting Fact:

Seth has been involved in fight sports since 2007 and is an active official and judge for the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA), Muay Thai Australia (MTA) and has also officiated for Kung Fu Wushu Australia.

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