Presenter Bio: Tony Blencowe and Lindy Scott

We have the bio for two more amazing presenters at the 2023 Conference, in Sydney!

The presenter’s are two of the big names from Adelaide, Tony Blencowe and Lindy Scott!

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Here is their bio:

Tony Blencowe and Lindy Scott

Topics for Conference:

Tony – Concepts and tips to inspire, improve, and tie together the forms holistically and effectively.

Lindy – Wooden Dummy and practical applications.

Started Wing Chun:

Lindy Scott and Tony Blencowe were introduced to Wing Chun in 1983 at Sifu Jim Fung’s school in Adelaide and have trained continuously since. They are respected internationally as senior leaders and exponents of the art.

Their School:

In 2003 they started their own school “Adelaide Wing Chun Kuen” to continue learning and teaching in a manner similar to what they had experienced in their early trips to Hong Kong

Noteable Training Experience:

In 1986 Sifu Jim Fung’s school was privileged to have a visit from Sigung Chu Shong Tin. It was his first trip overseas and he was in Adelaide to present at a Martial Art Masters Convention. It was a very enlightening time.

His main message was to use the mind to produce a “relaxed” state for force production and not to use brute force. Tony and Lindy were the first junior students to travel independently and train in Hong Kong in 1988 and this message was reinforced by Sigung’s students and their approach. They have returned to Hong Kong to train a number of times.

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