Travel Guide for those travelling interstate to the AWCF 2023 Conference

Are you planning on travelling interstate to the conference this year?

Wondering where to stay and how to get there from the airport?

Well here is a guide to help you plan.

Where can I stay?

We have reserved rooms at the Metro Mirage at Newport, which is only a short bus ride from the venue, with a discount ready for those that wish to stay there.

If you do wish to book at the Metro Mirage Hotel Newport you can call them direct on 02 9997 7011 and give them the discount code WA289 to get a 15% discount.

There are a number of other accomodation options. Just contact us if you wish to know more.

How to get to Mona Vale, and then to the Metro Mirage (if staying there).

Directions from Sydney Airport to Mona Vale

1. Catching the Train from Sydney Airport:

  1. Locate the Train Station: From the arrivals area of terminal, follow the signs to the ‘Trains’ which will lead you to the Airport Link train station.
  2. Buy an Opal Card or just use your credit card to tap-on: If you don’t already have an Opal card (Sydney’s public transport card), you can either purchase one, or you can use your credit card to tap-on at the station instead.
  3. Board the Train: Take a train on the T8 Airport & South Line towards the city. Ensure the train goes to Wynyard Station.

2. Transitioning at Wynyard Station:

  1. Exit the Train Platform via Exit 1 (Wynyard Park): Once you arrive at Wynyard Station, follow the signs to the “Exit 1 – Wynyard Park”. You will also see it is the exit to the Buses.
  2. Locate the B-Line Bus Stop (Stand B) on Carrington St: Once you’ve exited the station, look for signs or ask staff for directions to the B-Line bus stop which is Stand B. The B-Line bus stop is on Carrington Street, just outside the station and slightly to the right.

3. Taking the B-Line Bus to Mona Vale (and Dragon Tao Kung Fu):

  1. Board the B-Line Bus: When you reach the B-Line bus stop (Stand B) on Carrington Street, wait for the B1 bus that’s heading towards Mona Vale (they come every 5-10 minutes). The B-Line buses are distinctive yellow double deckers, making them easy to spot. Once again you can tap-on with your Opal Card or Credit Card.
  2. Disembark at Mona Vale: Mona Vale will be last stop on the B-Line route, so it’s impossible to miss. Once you’ve arrived at Mona Vale, disembark the bus (don’t forget to tap-off with the same card).
  3. If you wish to go to the Metro Mirage Hotel follow the steps below, otherwise here is the map for taking a short walk to Dragon Tao Kung Fu.

From Mona Vale B-line Bus Stop to Metro Mirage Hotel, Newport

  1. Catch the 199 Bus From the Same Bus Stop: After getting off the B-line bus at Mona Vale just wait for the 199 bus (they come every 10 minutes or so) as it goes from Mona Vale to Newport.
  2. Board the Bus: When your bus arrives, board the bus heading towards Newport. If unsure, it’s always a good idea to confirm with the driver that the bus will stop near the Metro Mirage Hotel in Newport.
  3. Disembark at Newport: The bus will travel through a few streets before reaching the stop near the Metro Mirage. It is a fairly short trip so keep an eye out for a pub called The Newport, as the bus stop is out the front. The stop is on Kalinya St. See map below for the Bus Route.
  4. Walking to Metro Mirage Hotel: Once you disembark the bus, it’s a very short walk to the Metro Mirage Hotel to the right of The Newport Pub. Also see map below.

(Note: As always, it’s a good idea to consult the latest bus schedules, use a local transportation app, or ask locals for guidance. Public transport routes and times can change.)

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