Presenter Bio: Chris Tannous

We have another awesome presenter to announce for the 2023 Conference, in Sydney!

The presenter is none other than Chris Tannous!

Another one not to be missed! Ticket’s can be purchased at

Here is his bio:

Christopher Tannous

Topic for Conference:

The Psychology and State of Chu Shong Tin’s Wing Chun.

Started Wing Chun:

In 2012, Chris joined the Mindful Wing Chun team and was one of the co-founders under the leadership of Nima King.

Teaching History:

After teaching at Mindful Wing Chun, until early 2023, he moved back to Sydney and has now opened Foundations, a school which mixes therapeutic techniques to enhance the development of Wing Chun.

Noteable Training Experience:

Before moving to HK in 2011, Chris Tannous was a practicing Psychotherapist. Training regularly with Nima King and Ma Kee Fai, as well as a number of time’s with Chu Shong Tin, Chris’s interest was always in how CST Wing Chun could be used not only for martial development but also for physical, emotional and mental well-being

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