The AWCF Sports Workshop (day before the conference)

In addition to the annual conference, the AWCF is offering a bonus sports workshop this year, run the by Adelaide University Wing Chun Kung Fu Club and guests. The workshop will be presented alongside the conference the day before on the 28th. The presenters will include the clubs own medal winning competitors and several IKSA Officials (who reside over many karate, kick-boxing, mui-thai, and MMA competitions in Australia).

The workshop involves two parallel sessions, one for potential competitors (under 40yo), and one for coaches/officials (referees, judges, time keepers, marshals etc.). The workshop will work towards a series of safe and friendly “come-n-try” Sanda bouts to give everyone a chance to give it a go with a beginner friendly rule-set and in a safe and respectful environment.

In our recent members survey we found that our community has a number of clubs who are interested in pursuing some Wing Chun related sporting and we agree that sporting activities have great potential for testing, feedback, and accelerating our learning within a Wing Chun context. However, opportunities to compete at the state or inter-club level are hard to find, especially for those not familiar with the martial arts sporting infrastructure or community. We also found that there is a certain amount of taboo around martial arts sporting which we would also love to address.

Seniors, beginners, coaches, and students alike are welcome to attend, and I must also stress the sports workshop is a completely optional addition to the AWCF conference.

More details to come!

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