Hi AWCF members!

After the success of our 2022 AWCF Conference in Mylor, SA, we would like to give everyone a quick update on some of the outcomes from the 2022 AGM. Members are welcome to receive a full copy of the minutes if they wish.

AWCF Commitee Elected

2022 AWCF Committee (left to right) – Pete Fraser, Scott Smith, Gary King, Damian Rainer, and Dave Somers

After clearing the chairs for the previous 2021 committee the positions were once again voted in by the attendees. The following seats were elected:

Chair – Dave Somers

Vice Chair – Damian Rainer

Treasurer – Gary King

Secretary – Pete Fraser

Promotions Officer – Scott Smith

Public Officer (must be a resident of South Australia) – Seth Piszczuk

Insurance Officer – Richard Antonini

We would like to thank Dan Pitman, and Jason de Groot, for their amazing work on the previous committee (I’m sure they will still be lending support in the background for a little while) as well as welcoming Damian Rainer, Pete Fraser, and Scott Smith to the new 2022 committee.

Inaugural Honorary Board of Excellence

Dave Somers presenting David Lovegrove with his name on the inaugural Honorary Board of Excellence

David Lovegrove was the first person to be listed on the inaugural Honorary Board of Excellence for his hard work and dedication in re-establishing the Chu Shong Tin Wikipedia page. The award is for AWCF members that show great initiative and dedication in the support and growth of Chu Shong Tin lineage Wing Chun.

2023 Conference – Sydney, NSW

Members voted for the 2023 AWCF Conference to be run in Sydney, with the help of Scott Smith (Dragon Tao Kung Fu).

The conference is slated to be run on the October Long Weekend of 2023. So get prepared and set that weekend aside! We will update you all with more as the planning begins.

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