AWCF Conference Has been Postponed :`(

Hi folks,

As Dave outlines in his video announcement above, we must report to you all that the committee voted to postpone the conference until 2022. This is a hard call to make, but one we have had to make. The complications around the borders closing and opening (and being then closed from the other side) have created serious consequences for us.

  • The financial pressures of losing so many of our interstate travellers (attendees and presenters) less than a week from the event has the left the event in a financially untenable state.
  • With the recent outbreaks developing in SA (quite quickly) that state is quite capable of getting worse very quickly!

However, all is not lost! As we have stated from the very beginning, this conference was built to be flexible and fair in this way.

  • Attendees will be able to choose between a refund or keeping credit toward the rescheduled date (yet to be finalised) without any questions being asked.
  • Everything will be dealt with fairly, but we can’t help with non-refundable travel costs.
  • While the physical component of gradings will need to go on hold for now, we are looking into alternate methods that can allow gradings to occur in a fair but accountable way outside of conferences, or we may be able to carry on as per usual next year.
  • The Annual AGM will be carried out via Zoom at the normal announced time and date. All members or students are encouraged to attend.

I hope we can all stay positive. I’ll be in touch with the current ticket holders soon.



(AWCF Secretary)

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