Presenter Bio: Corey Slade

Corey Slade is the head coach at the iDefend martial arts school in Tumby Bay. Corey has trained in Wing Chun for many years but also boasts experience from multiple other martial arts. Corey is passionate about mindful movement and it’s contribution to life, personal wellness and growth on many levels. He will be bringing his broad collection of experiences to our 2021 conference as a presenter!

Q&A with Corey

How does wing chun integrate with your daily life?

Mainly in my thoughts/feelings like a good old friend you notice in the crowd often…

What principles or movements of wing chun do you notice permeating your everyday?

For me it’s the principles I can apply to many movements like whilst running to maintain symmetry of tension in varying terrain, or steering my car with mind infused structure.

How has training changed for you over the last 2 years?

I’ve focused mainly on BJJ/MMA this past 2 yrs and inevitably have suffered some serious injuries in the process so have had to reassess everything. When injured I always come back to my roots – Wing Chun 🙂
Currently I’m enjoying Muay Thai based bag workouts solo or sometimes with a partner. I’m taking my time & imbuing the Muay Thai combos with Wing Chun principles and realising in many ways I find it’s preferential than taking a formal group based class.

Any tips for training alone, or any favourite solo exercises?

Find what you enjoy doing, not what you or others think you should do.
When I remove ’the schedule of life & endless task list’ and just play and be curious in the dance of an intuitive shadow boxing session – I am most nourished.

What is one thing a martial arts teacher or fellow student has said that you’ve never forgotten?

Graeme Kuerschner encouraged us to always ascertain “why we are here?…” and to re-ask that question over the course of our life.
I’d like to add “and what can we do with that to service others?…”

If you had to recommend a book, an album, or a movie for everyone to check out, what would it be? (Doesn’t have to be martial arts related)

Book – currently Archie Roach’s ’Tell Me Why’, a stunning account of resilience and strength of spirit – and of a great love story.
Music Artist – currently enjoying Ren amongst others from my daughters music collection.
Movie – Though historically Jackie Chan has been my favourite MA actor I still love the Jiu Jitsu themed movie from 2008 called ‘Red Belt’.

Thanks Corey! We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

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