Watch This Space!

Over the weeks leading up to the conference, we will be putting out little teasers of what to expect for our December gathering this year. We have an exciting list of presenters, some most of you will know well, and others who are new on the scene!

We’ll be giving this year’s presenters an opportunity to discuss and preview their presentation content here on the site. Make sure you check in to the AWCF website each week to get all the sneak peeks of conference content and get on board the conference hype train. Otherwise, keep an eye out for the updates on our facebook page.

And don’t forget the AWCF Annual General Meeting will be held during the conference. The AGM will be held on the Sunday (12th of December) in the early afternoon. Everyone is welcome to attend to keep up to date with our Wing Chun Community and give their two cents to the committee members.

Not long to go now! Hope you’re all getting excited for the conference.

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