AGM 2020 Highlights

Good morning AWCFerists,

I have some updates for you about outcomes of the AWCF 2020 AGM. Members are free to ask about more details or a copy of the minutes anytime, and let me thank all the members who patiently attended and voted at the meeting. Their patience is very appreciated.

The newly elected committee for 2021 will be largely the same, bar our new promotions officer, Jason de Groot from Adelaide. A massive thanks to Des Mellican who did a great job as our promotions officer (and amazing photographer) through 2020. Jason will be in touch soon, no doubt.

Members voted in favor of dedicating funds towards a 50% membership fee discount for any members who were members during 2020 and hence the pandemic. This is designed to alleviate financial stress for all our members who faced extensive inactivity and lost income throughout the pandemic.

Members voted to begin planning for a normal (is that a thing anymore?) AWCF conference roughly around September 2021. Physical exams for high level grading applications will have to wait till the 2021 conference due to unfeasible logistics,, but theory examinations will continue. It’ll be great to be back.

Stay tuned for more info as the planning begins!

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