SA COVID-19 cluster and impending SA school shutdowns

Hello everyone, and in particular South Australian members. Looks like its our turn…

I write to inform you of a COVID-19 outbreak in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia and provide you with some info about it. First up, yes schools should immediately cancel classes and any face to face contact immediately.

This is only in SA, and probably only for a short time -the next two weeks minimum, potentially longer if the cluster gets any momentum. We can’t give an exact time frame, obviously, but keep an eye out for information if your school is being affected by these shutdowns.

I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the sooner we respond to the outbreak the sooner we can get back to training safely.

The best information on the outbreak status and how we should respond is at

-and all South Australians should check the contact tracing page to see if they should be tested at

I hope you can all enjoy your holidays one way or another, keep training, and stay safe!

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