After careful consideration, an email was circulated to AWCF members earlier today advising that classes and in-person training be temporarily ceased for the greater good of the community and to minimise health and legal risks to schools and students and those in the greater community around us. Bare in mind, this is only our advice, and we don’t have or claim the authority to dictate our member’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, we cannot emphasise enough that the primary method of infection is through close proximity and contact, which makes Wing Chun training the perfect activity for spreading the virus. With a 14 day onset before symptoms are obvious, it is very likely that some of us who feel fine now are actually infectious. On top of this, it is a given that many people in our community, with more elderly and frail people than your average martial art, are facing potentially life threatening scenario in the coming days. By ceasing training we can collectively contribute to increasing hospital spaces and minimising the total number of people infected. We can potentially save lives.

My thoughts go out to those severely affected by the virus and the financial hardship it brings. I also feel for new students who can’t train well in isolation from instructors. Students and practitioners with more than a year or so of training should be well positioned to be instructed remotely and develop or reinforce home training routines that will no doubt serve them well into the future.

We will be releasing information to assist instructor’s transition to remote instruction for length of the outbreak, and will look into supporting our members in anyway we can through these challenging times.

If you are a member or a franchise sifu and did not receive this email, please contact me, as it outlines important facts for members.

Wing Chun Regards,


AWCF Secretary

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