New membership system tests good!

Hi Chunnerinos,

Secretary Dan here, just thought I’d let you all know that we have been testing and incorporating two new systems into the AWCF website which seem all good and are about to go live.

First is the new “profiles” section. When you register for a profile on the website you can make a profile, add your photo, talk about your history, and put your grade and school information up. You don’t have to share any information if you don’t want to, of course, but it is a nifty feature and potential avenue for recruitment if you would like potential new students to find you easily. This profile (and later more services based around it) is available to anyone in the AWCF community!

Full members can also have their school and web links added to the interactive school locator map (pictured) for added visibility!

The second system that is in the website is the AWCF membership tracking. Full members (ie a representative from each school) will receive an email next week outlining how to apply and pay for membership and liability insurance (if required) for 2020. Bare in mind 2019 membership and insurance expires on the 1st of March so don’t forget! It is all tracked and paid for through the website, you so you will have easy access to digital copies of your membership and insurance certificate at any time. If you want to start a new full membership, I recommend you read about it here.

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