AWCF: New things, new people

Let me introduce to you the new AWCF committee, voted in at the recent AGM at the AWCF conference. The main changes this year are that Dan is taking on the role of secretary, and Des Mellican is coming on board as our new promotions officer. Good to have you onboard, Des!

Let’s also take a minute to appreciate Chris Highman, the previous secretary, for an exceptional effort (and hopefully not the last). His contribution to keeping the machine turning has been nothing short of exemplary. We will no doubt be turning to Chris for his wisdom in the following year (not quite off the hook yet, mate!).

The committee for 2020 is as follows:

Chair: Dave Somers, Vice Chair: Richard Antonini, Treasurer: Gary King, Secretary: Daniel Pitman, Public Officer: Seth Piszczuk, Promotions Officer: Des Mellican.

The minutes from that meeting will be distributed to members shortly. Notably, some alterations to the constitution were passed by special resolution. These small alterations tighten up financial security, make membership more meaningful, and fix a few small wording issues.

You can review the new constitution (v3.4) here on the AWCF website.

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