Final Preparations

The committee is buzzing with activity, receipts, planning, and travel plans! I’ll be leaving in a few days for an epic road trip myself with friends. The stage is set for a pretty darn awesome looking conference!

You will want some shoes and clothes you can train in (obviously), but also consider being comfortable around a giant park, with lots of great activities, views, walks, and sun. You might want some sunscreen, water-bottle, and mozzie repellent.

If you are driving (please, not if you are flying), it would certainly help to bring a pole or your BJD swords. We have some make-shift ones, but not enough for everyone. Have you considered putting your initials on them?

Have you informed the committee of any dietary or medical requirements or allergies? Would you consider downloading the program pdf into your phone?

If you do have any questions, use the contact form or just ask on the AWCF Facebook page/group. We will send attendees an email presently to confirm the registration and see you on the weekend!

(photo: By Shiftchange – Own work, CC0,

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