AWCF 2019 Conference Program

The following is a program for the AWCF 2019 Conference. You can find a printable pdf version here. The program will likely be subject to small changes over the coming weeks, but is provided here for your benefit.

Last updated (8/9/19)


12:00 Noon – Conference Opening

1:00 pm – Chi Sau with Strangers

A chance to get settled, warm up the stance after a long journey, greet old friends, and maybe even meet some new ones over a series of prescribed and open chi sau exercises.

4:00pm – Tea Break

5:00pm – Mindful Power Combinations

Dave Somers

Revisiting a couple of old favourites. Using the mind, body, arms and legs in functional combinations for effective and volatile results that take our intermediate drills to the next level.

7:00pm – Dinner


8:00am – Breakfast

9:00am – 1. The Wing Chun Stance

Sifu Alex Man

Part one of a three-part presentation by our international guest, Sifu Alex Man. This workshop will focus on the Wing Chun stance, how to use tai gong to develop the centre line, how to use this all to build structure and apply effortless power.

11:00am – Morning Tea

11:30am – Empty Hands

Richard Antonini

The three empty hands forms form the core of the art of Wing Chun.  In this session we will discuss the relationship between the three forms and demonstrate them as one through establishing a consistent state of mind and body.

1:00pm – Lunch

2:00pm – Effective Kicking

Gary King

This session will look at the versatility and practicality of kicks within the Wing Chun system. Learn to maintain the integrity of the mind-body unity while kicking.

4:00pm – Tea Break

4:30pm – Maintaining State Under Duress

Steven Langley & Dave Somers

If you can maintain your state, you can more easily control the situation. An applications workshop focussed on maintaining your Wing Chun state under duress.

7:00pm – Dinner

8:00pm – Factors of Duress

Panel Discussion

This year we have invited experienced and respected practitioners from Australia and abroad to contribute to our conference and we invite you to deliberate with us on the topic of duress and Wing Chun in a panel discussion over dessert and a few drinks.

Questions? Thoughts? Let’s share.


8:00am – Breakfast

9:00am – Applying Form Acquired Skills to Free Form Fighting

Gary King

This workshop will look at the relationship between the skills or ‘state’ acquired in form practice and their direct application to fighting. It will emphasize that freedom of style and ‘state integrity’ are mutually agreeable and ideal.

11:00am – Morning Tea

11:30am – 2. Pivoting

Sifu Alex Man

Part two of a three-part presentation by our international guest, Sifu Alex Man. This workshop will focus on chum kiu pivoting and detail pivoting movement so as to utilise gravity’s effect on the body.

1:00pm – Lunch

2:00pm – Mindset is Everything

Regan Williams

Follow the evolution of my thoughts after ten years training under Chu Shong Tin and my return to simplicity.  In this session the aim is to help give participants a feel and a framework that will help with all aspects of training.  The goal is to bridge the gap between the forms, the mind, the body and its application.

4:00pm – Tea Break

4:30pm – The Artist’s Mind

David Lovegrove

Finding and using the Siu Nim Tau state is vital for the Wing Chun practitioner to generate real force. By relating how this same mind state is accessed in other non-martial arts we will make it simpler to achieve. We will then practice it putting our minds in points in the dummy and the weapons.

6:00pm – 2019 AWCF Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the AWCF. Member schools/groups/clubs are welcome to have a representative present. Agendas were emailed out to members beforehand or see the AWCF website.

7:00pm – Dinner  

8:00pm – Gary’s Quiz and Conference Prizes


8:30am – Breakfast

9:30am – Multiple Attacker Concepts

Richard Antonini

Multiple attacker situations are never an easy situation to find yourself in. This session will look at strategies on positioning and mindset to improve your chances in this circumstance.

11:00am – Morning Tea

11:30am – 3. Chi Sau

Sifu Alex Man

The final of a three-part presentation by our international guest, Sifu Alex Man. This workshop brings together all of the components of the previous two, using structure and relaxation in Chi Sau to take and give your opponent’s incoming force.

1:00pm – Question Time & Conference Close

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