Presenter Bio: Richard Antonini – Wing Chun For Life

I started my Wing Chun with Grandmaster Jim Fung in November 1989 at Westmead. My first lesson was taught by a 10 year old sihing who impressed me so much I joined on the spot. As I continued training I gained understanding of the simplicity of the system and its principle-based approach. This kept me intrigued and fascinated. Further along I began finding the immense depth, logical approach to biomechanics, and the mind body integration which now fuels my desire to unpack and discover the so-called internal aspects of the Wing Chun system. I now view it, however, as returning to the natural human state.

My relationship with my sifu, Jim Fung, and sigung Chu Shong Tin are great memories. Having worked very closely with Sifu Jim as state and national manager gave rise to a very real sense of master/student relationship developing akin to a father/son relationship. My memories of Sigung Chu Shong Tin’s humility, amazing skill, abilities and knowledge espouse the virtues I try to emulate. My training has evolved to concentrate on the natural human state what it involves and how to best attain it.

It is about finding a simple idea that each individual has to fit in with their way of thinking. Sigung said Ip Man kept telling him, “Lop Nim”, essentially, “develop your way of thinking”.

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