International Guest – Alex Man

We have an international and seasoned guest this year, straight from Hong Kong. It is my pleasure to welcome Sifu Alex Man to Australia as one of the key presenters for the 2019 AWCF Conference.

Sifu Alex Man learnt Wing Chun under Grand Master Chu Shong Tin since 1980. He has conducted seminars in Sheffield UK, Prague, New Zealand and Australia since 2005.

Sifu Alex has also hosted a free, multi-lineage, Wing Chun meetup group at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University every Friday night since 2014.

Many of us here in Australia have been lucky enough to train with Sifu Alex Man during trips to Hong Kong, and it is a great pleasure to have him and Kitty come to train here in Australia with us all.

We will have several workshops throughout the weekend with Sifu Alex Man, usually immediately after lunch, so those of you with day passes should get to attend at least one of those sessions.

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