Announcing the AWCF Community Support Award.

Each year there are a number of really dedicated people making great progress in their Wing Chun but who are unable to get out to meet the community and further their learning due to their financial status. Unfortunately, this often affects young people who are also trying to study or are still early career.

The AWCF has begun to implement new support structures to help people training with financial difficulty, and the 2019 Community Support Award is a great first step.

This year, one Australian student will be selected for a free Gold Ticket to the AWCF conference, so they can meet with their greater community, and get some worthwhile experience under their belt. The criteria for this award is:

…a student who shows merit, promise and dedication in Wing Chun, stands to benefit from attending the conference, and is enduring financial hardship that prevents them from attending the conference.

Anyone who suits this description in the AWCF is eligible, and should apply via the AWCF website. Anyone else should share the word around so that we can reach as many corners of Australia as possible.

You can find more information and the application form here.

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