Wooden Dummy Confirmed for 2nd SA Wushu Championships

I just heard the word today on the 2nd South Australian Wushu Championships (yeah there was only one so far). The date is the 25th of August, so plenty of time to prepare. Turns out that Wooden Dummy is being introduced as a talou event!

There will be CST practitioners in the judging line up, as they were last year, so the CST approach to forms (and those of other less flamboyant arts) is guaranteed to be considered equally.

The Adelaide University Club participated last year with much success. As CST WC practitioners we have great deal of potential for competition. There will be an information night very soon for potential coaches, competitors, and senior volunteers in SA, so if you are interested or have any questions at all feel free to comment or contact via the AWCF website for more information. Alternately check out the Kung Fu Wushu SA website for the official word.

What is Wushu?
Wushu is a sport for Chinese martial arts. The word ‘wushu’ literally means ‘Chinese martial arts’. It combines both disciplines of form and application in two main categories of event.

Talou is a series of events where people perform forms or choreographed movements. There are all kinds of categories, but the most relevant to Wing Chun are the Southern Empty Hands Forms, Long Weapon, Short Weapon, Choreographed Duo, Group Forms, and of course, the new Wooden Dummy category. It is judged in a similar fashion to gymnastics.

Sanda, is a specific rule set for combative sparring events with categories for full and controlled contact and which typically feature striking, thorwing, but no wrestling on the ground. Its not limited to any martial art, and it’s a great way to try sparring competitively in a safe environment. It is scored on points in a best of three rounds bout.

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