A New Year, A New AWCF Website!

Happy New Year!

And thanks for joining us at our new online home. This website was put together by many contributors, especially Richard Antonini, and we have a lot more planned for it yet! This year it is being administered by Dan Pitman.

Have a look at www.australianwingchunfederation.com

This new website is the first phase of the AWCF overhaul for 2019, soon to include things like accessing forms and documents online, tracking and using membership to access special content and relative information, a broad new online promotion network, and a better and more useful experience for you guys, the members.

The first phase of this website will provide a basic functionality for existing members, and will be regularly upgraded to provide a membership database, special member-only content, a forum, support for the “Little Idea” newsletters and podcasts, and finally an AWCF shop for merch, conference tickets and the like!

The AWCF committee is expanding all kinds of areas this year, so be sure to subscribe to the website, get on our Facebook page (and group, if you are from a member school) and share on the news with your community.

Best of punching,


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