AWCF 2019 Pricing

The AWCF Conference pricing structure has been announced for the 2019 Tamborine Mountain AWCF Conference. Gold Ticket Includes all days, catering, and accommodation onsite $549 Silver Ticket Includes all days, catering, no accommodation $419 Day Pass (Saturday or Sunday) Includes any full day plus two meals and tea breaks $149 Half-day Pass (Monday or Friday) Read More

AWCF Evolving

Wing Chun may not be your day job, but if you are anything like us, it gets you up in the morning, keeps you busy on the bus, and rounds out a perfect evening. I also know I am not the only one that puts in as much effort into maintaining and administering Wing Chun Read More

2019 AWCF Conference Announcement

Good evening, chunners far and wide. I am very happy to announce that this year we are coming together in sunny Queensland! Our venue is Tamborine Mountain, a sub-tropical plateau in the Gold Coast hinterland know for spectacular views and thick rain forest. It’s about 62km from Brisbane (30 minute drive), and is the result Read More

Delays in membership processing, also AWCF has a new email.

Hi everyone, As some of you may have noticed, there has been some delays regarding AWCF membership and insurance for 2019. Please accept our apologies, rest assured we have overcome the difficulties, and invoices for membership are already being sent out. Member entities would have received membership renewal forms via email (check your junk mail Read More

A New Year, A New AWCF Website!

Happy New Year! And thanks for joining us at our new online home. This website was put together by many contributors, especially Richard Antonini, and we have a lot more planned for it yet! This year it is being administered by Dan Pitman. Have a look at This new website is the first phase Read More

2018 AWCF Conference Wrap Up

What a great conference for 2018! The 2018 AWCF Conference was held at Victor Harbour, at the infamous Adare House. First of all, thank you to everyone who participated, in any way. I found so many new and unexpected friends this year, growing my sense of this big ol’ family, and who is in it. Read More

Lindy Scott Interview

Lindy Scott interview 1. Hi Lindy How are you? A: I’m great thanks! 2. Lindy tell us a little bit about your journey in Wing Chun: How did you find Wing Chun or perhaps how did it find you? A: I first heard about Wing Chun at Adelaide University, but I wasn’t sure about learning Read More

Gary King Interview

Gary King interview 1. Gary, I’d love to know and for all the readers out there, what has brought you to wing chun? A: As a child I did judo and in my mid teens I did karate, but lost interest. Then during my late teens I found a renewed interest in martial arts. I Read More

Seth Piszczuk Interview

Seth Piszczuk interview 1. Hi Seth, How are you? A: Great! Enjoying a bit of relaxation now the kids are in bed. 2. When did your journey in wing chun begin? A: I signed up at IWCA Adelaide in March 2003 3. I ask this question to everyone as it is the seed behind our Read More